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AI Training and Education:
Imagine What Your Team Could Accomplish This Year With
The Help Of AI?

Change the Narrative: From Fear to Power — Empower Your Team with the Knowledge and Foundational Skills Essential for Success in Today's Marketplace.

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Start Using AI in Your Business: A Simplified Approach

Imagine your team fearlessly working with AI, tackling problems and coming up with creative ideas. Each empowered with their own AI assistant. Everyone having the same set of skills and knowledge allows you a solid foundation to build on. This is the best way to start implementing AI, a short 2hr course that will empower your team.

Simplify AI and its challenges by avoiding overthinking and start small. Arm yourself and your team with vital AI skills such as mastering Chat GPT for your business. It's time to find out exactly what it can do for you. That starts with getting your team up to speed.

Many people fear AI due to misunderstandings and that leaves them feeling powerless. This year, teams nationwide have been transformed in just two hours, swapping fear for excitement. Understanding AI eradicates fear, showing how it boosts work and personal lives.

  • Empower Your Team and Remove Fear: Let's eliminate any fears your team may have about AI. We will address all their questions, alleviate concerns about job security and privacy, and we will empower them to harness the power of AI.
  • Your Team Will become a Rapid Problem-Solvers: Equip your staff with the power to tackle even the most daunting challenges with ease. Our AI training turns complex problems into stepping stones, escalating your value in any professional setting.
  • Boost Profits and Cut Costs Instantly: As a business owner you know how quickly all the little outsourcing tasks can cost you. With the tools and knowledge from our training you will instantly see how much your team is truly capable of. From document creation to customer images and videos. Everyone will have what they need in the palm of their hand.
  • Master AI in No Time: Get set to defy timeframes with our beginner-friendly training. If you can power up a computer, you're all set to conquer AI! Our easy-to-grasp fundamentals can be implemented on the same day you learn them - making your AI journey swift and efficient.
  • Experience Unwavering Support: Once you join Infusion AI, you're part of our community for life. We stay by your side until you're confidently soaring on your own. With our ongoing support, your success isn't just probable - it's guaranteed!

We invite you to explore our 2-hour introductory AI course for your team. This could be the most significant investment you make this year. Take this pivotal step with us and turn AI apprehension into an empowering tool for you and your business.

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Dive into our advanced AI Education Solutions and tailor lessons to fit your unique needs.

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Transform AI Fear into Mastery:
Begin Your Team's Training Today!

Essential AI Team Training

This introduction to AI is the best way to kickstart your team's understanding of AI. This class is designed to build a foundation for your team to build their AI skills. It aims to alleviate their fears and concerns about AI, diving into its capabilities. We will train your team to proficiently use and understand ChatGPT, which is the must know AI tool of today.


(1 day course - Live or Virtual)


  • Alleviate staffs fear surrounding AI
  • Proficient use of Chat GPT
  • Certainty about the future
  • Understanding Privacy and Security
  • Foundation for your team to build from
  • Answer Burning AI Questions
  • Understand what Ai can and Can’t Do
  • Gain a resource center for future learning

Intermediate AI Mastery Course

Take your AI journey to the next level with our Intermediate AI Mastery Course. Building on the Foundations, this package offers a deeper dive into AI applications through two comprehensive 2-hour live training sessions. Building off of day one we will learn “The Big 3” - which includes Document, image and training video creation. This course gives everyone on the team a monster head start and fantastic foundation in AI. You and your team will apply AI concepts in real-world scenarios, enhancing their skills and proficiency.


(2 day course - Live Or Virtual)


  • Everything in Day 1 Training Plus+
  • Advanced uses of Chat GPT
  • How to curate and analyze documents
  • Image creation and manipulation
  • Training Video Production
  • Social Media Mastery
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Premium AI Efficiency Course

Optimize your business efficiency with our Premium AI Efficiency Course. This package is perfect for organizations ready to integrate AI tools into their workflow. With 3 comprehensive live training sessions, extended post-training support, and in-depth modules on major AI tools, such as ChatGPT, Canva, and Synthesia, your team will harness the true potential of AI to drive productivity gains. If you want to truly get ahead and stay ahead; this course includes how to stack AI tools to become unstoppable


(3 day course - Live Or Virtual)


  • Everything From Day 2 Training Plus+
  • Focus on “Stacking” using AI tools together
  • Chat GPT plus and Advanced Uses
  • Workshop with hands on exercises
  • Workplace examples and applications
  • Segments on Sales, Marketing and Operations
  • Access to Infusion AI’s tools FREE of charge
  • Workbooks with tips, tools and continued learning
  • 30 days of post class training support

Elite AI Mastery Course

For true AI leaders and pioneers, our Elite AI Mastery Course offers the ultimate AI training experience. In this comprehensive 10-day program we focus on 1 on 1 training with your entire team. Fully integrating AI tools and applications into their daily work environments. Our goal is to have everyone up to date with today’s current AI tools, knowledge bases and access to a dedicated support team to ensure proficiency. This is how you take control of your future. Seamlessly integrate and harness AI innovations like never before.


(10 day course - Live Training Only)


  • Exclusive one on one Training With Entire Staff
  • Focusing on in-business AI application
  • Proficiency in Sales, Marketing and Operations
  • Access to all Infusion AI’s tools
  • Hands on exercises
  • Dedicated support staff
  • Set up and installation of AI tools
  • Free business automations package
  • Free custom Chatbot for website
  • 1 Year Post Training Support
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Continuous Consulting Service

Are you worried your team won’t retain their new knowledge and skills?

By completing our three-day Premium AI Efficiency Course, your team will gain all the essential foundational skills. To further support their learning, consider our ongoing consulting package. This includes access to weekly open classes where your team can ask questions and seek clarification on tool usage. This continuous support service is available for $599 per month

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Our Recommendations

What our clients say about working with Infusion AI.

"Lee has done a wonderful job educating and communicating about the AI world. His course taught me how to use chat gpt in order to make my classroom a more effective learning environment!"

"I am very fortunate to have met Lee. He is truly a great business owner to learn from and collaborate with. He enlightens all who work with him through his deep knowledge and insights. I highly recommend!"

"Lee is very personable and easy to talk to. He makes learning about AI much more enjoyable. I’m looking forward to learning more from him to grow my business to the next level."

"Lee is very passionate about business plus teaching and educating others regarding AI. I look forward to attending his class."

"Lee takes the time to explain the process of AI to help better growth for my business. Has immediately had impacts for growth in my business. I highly recommend connecting with him."

"⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ Lee is awesome. Love what he is doing with educating people on AI. The way his mind understands monetization is some next level 💩 (in the most positive way possible). This is someone I know, like, and trust. Can't wait to see what these AI Masterminds look like...🔥"

"His great professionalism and experience in the subject as well as his interest in helping others make him a great resource to count on."

"Lee is extremely passionate about teaching to help others expand their knowledge in this ever changing world"

"I know Lee, and he has the experience he claims, so I recommend him. Remus"

"Lee is both reliable and very well versed in his area."

"Great guy who understands business."

"Lee is always great to work with."

Mission Of Infusion AI

What's the Purpose?

Our Mission

At Infusion AI, our mission is to become the most trusted name in the field of Artificial Intelligence. With 20 years of business experience we feel this is the best way to help impact others in a positive way. We are driven by a commitment to empathy and kindness, understanding the apprehensions that new technologies may bring. We aim to help demystify AI, fostering a future where technology is not feared, but embraced for its immense potential to transform lives. We believe in delivering reliable AI solutions, setting new standards in trust and ensuring that our clients feel heard, valued, and reassured every step of the way.


Simplify AI

We make AI straightforward, distilling it into understandable and manageable components that encourage learning these new life changing tools.

Universal Accessibility

We are committed to ensuring AI knowledge is within everyone's reach, irrespective of their technical background or level of expertise.

Empower with Confidence

Through comprehensive and easy-to-digest live training courses, we foster confidence and curiosity in our learners, helping them welcome the future of AI with positivity and eagerness.

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